Your alternative studio for female empowerment and the very edge of Maastricht center, Emmaplein. We specialize in feminine dances and contemporary yoga. Our mission is to empower as many females as we can through our way of moving. +10 years of experience has lead to the development of our unique Deva Divine signature dance styles, which are unique to Maastricht! We offer burlesque fusion, bellydance fusion, gypsy tribal fusion and yoga for dancers. Everything you need to get inspired, energized, beautiful and sexy. Our classes greatly enhance beauty, tone and slim down the body, gives you a graceful gait, diminishes aches and pains and are a way out of stress!

We offer group classes, private coaching, workshops at our studio or on location. We also cater to businesses to find a yoga solution for their employees.

Please contact us if you want to schedule a try out, we’re happy to assist.


Read what our loving clients have to say about us:

  • Evelin: I had some experience with other yoga teachers in Maastricht but till now I can say that Deva Divine is the best! I can feel the passion and the energy that she puts in her lessons and she does not only focus on the body but also on the mind and the inner feelings! If you are looking not only for a physical experience but also for the involvement of all your senses, then Deva Divine studio is the right place for you!

  • Carlo

    Congratulations, you are on a good way, you found this website. You might be searching for a new experience, physical and mental, or looking for a place to continue your practice, as was I when I came back from my semester abroad. In any case, this is worth checking out. During my search for a place to continue my yoga practice I was looking for these attributes:
    (1) a nontraditional, open atmosphere that allows the individual to find its personal practice
    (2) an authentic classroom that has no clinical touch to it, but is shaped by the teacher
    (3) a practice that engages you both mentally and physically

    After my first class at Laura’s studio I had the feeling this place would give my the kind of energy I was looking for. During the next months my yoga practice with Laura became an important part of my routine. When she invited my to try her belly dance class I didn’t hesitate a bit. It was a great experience learning another approach to movement as such. Get up, join in and find out for yourself. Namaste, live and learn

  • Benedicta: When you have a good teacher who not only teaches you the moves and muscles groups you are using, but also helps you connect to the expression, feeling and meaning behind each move. In a way, it is meditative and sensual at the same time. I think that is what made it very pleasurable and enriching for me. I also very much enjoyed the relaxed vibe within the group. All participants were nice and motivated to learn, feel and express.

  • Gwen

    Gwen: De sfeervolle, gezellige lessen onder professionele begeleiding van Laura zijn voor mij heerlijke avonden waarbij ik samen met anderen werk aan de verschillende technieken van buikdans. Er is tussendoor altijd even tijd voor een praatje en wat humor, en Laura weet de inhoud van haar lessen goed af te wisselen zodat alles aan bod komt en iedere les anders is. Verder vind ik buikdans een prachtige dansvorm waarbij je werkt aan kracht, flexibiliteit en controle. Dus als je op zoek bent naar een mooie, sierlijke dans/sport, gezelligheid en mysterie dan kom een keer meedoen bij Deva Divine bellydance!

  • Ginevra

    Ginevra: When i started last year yoga at the Studio my aim was to solve my back problems which were caused from sitting all day long at the computer and because of balance and gratitude yoga gives you. I fastly felt comfortable in that environment and Laura is a great teacher, as she not only focuses on practicing yoga but also on the spiritual site. Everytime i finish the yoga class i feel completely different than when i entered class. I somehow feel “reborn“ and my back problems also faded away very quickly. The Studio’s environment provides everything to feel comfy and welcome while being there and Laura pays greatly attention to improve your yoga sklils.

  • Rafael

    Rafael: I really enjoyed when it was a ‘yoga day’ because it was a day when I would go back home with both body and mind really relaxed! Something I also enjoyed was that the classes were in English, in a quite large room and with not too many people.

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Studio Deva Divine’s mission: Our mission is to empower as many females as we can, along their journey in life! Being aware of your body, being able to regulate your emotions by consciously releasing stress is the key to happiness. We know it sounds easy, but with regular practice it will become second nature. Our classes are rooted in ancient tradition and mystical perception. Yoga clears the mind, helps with posture and being able to breath. Stress relief and relief from aches and pains are the major benefits of yoga. Burlesque dance opens the playful part of a woman, and helps to improve self-image, and  self-expression. Once in a while we all need to  feel sexy! Bellydance and tribal gypsy bellydance profoundly liberate the body as you learn to move gracefully. Our methods entail working from the deep core and pelvis, which provide a great posture and profoundly liberate the body. Don’t be surprised that taking up dancing will stimulate other healthy choices in your life, such as diet changes, and in general more active lifestyle, which results to weightloss. Above all  it’s fun, and you can bring your best friendsalong! Our school is known for its competition less-ness. We are an independent bunch of various friendly ladies, from all walks of life, sexual preferences, lifestyles, religions. Our classes range from beginner to advanced level. We can find a matching solution for anyone.
We are located at Emmaplein, Victor de Stuersstraat 15 in Maastricht. We are easy to reach by public transport (bushalte Emmaplein) or by car. You can park in the street, which is mostly paid during the day. Also late night shopping Thursday it’s charged. We host workshops, bachelor parties and private coaching sessions. Maastricht offers a lot of nice bars, restaurants and things to see. It’s also great to visit the region. Vroenhoven, Riemst, Kanne, Tongeren in Belgium are very close, as are Meerssen, Houthem, Valkenburg, Ulestraten, Bunde in Nederland, Limburg.
Buikdansen is voor iedereen. Het helpt om af te vallen, sterker te worden, meer spieren te kweken, je zelfvertrouwen te vergroten. Deze dans is geweldig. Onze stijlen zijn uniek in Maastricht. Hierdoor werken we met Burlesque Fusion en Tribal Fusion buikdans. Een vrouw is veelzijdig. Daarom bieden we ook veelzijdige lessen aan. Alle onze lessen zijn ge-ent op oude mystieke leringen (tempeldans en tantra) waardoor er als t ware een bewustzijnsverschuiving plaats vindt. Je voelt je zekerder in je lijf, zekerder tussen anderen. Misschien dat je met de groep optreedt, waardoor je je angsten overwint, en jezelf uitdaagt. Leuke unieke dingen dansen zorgen dat je leven rijker wordt. Kom vooral langs voor een proefles! Shimmies en Namasté, team Deva Divine